Tuesday, December 28, 2010

camille grammer playboy pics

Camille is vocal about suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, an unpleasant condition that prompted her to use a surrogate to give birth to her daughter Mason and son Jude. Camille's former Private Parts co-star, Howard Stern, has used the IBS public service announcement Camille and Kelsey created to mock her mercilessly on his radio show. Real nice. Besides building awareness around IBS, Camille enjoys dancing, skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, and collecting rare first edition books.camille grammer playboy pics

She currently owns a business, the production company Grammet Inc., with Kelsey. Considering he announced in August that his new girlfriend, flight attendant Kayte Walsh, is pregnant, the future of the company is in limbo. (In a tragic side note, Kayte suffered a miscarriage in September 2010.)camille grammer playboy pics